Samsung intercept Vs Blackberry 8530

Samsung Intercept and Blackberry 8530 are two very different cellphones due to the features they offer. Overall Samsung Intercept offers better features however it completely depends upon how and why you want it.

  1. It completely depends upon your choice which type of keyboard you want as Blackberry has the standard keyboard all Blackberry phones have and Samsung Intercept offers full sliding keyboard.
  2. Both cell phones offer entirely different operating system. If you are not use to of Blackberry Operating system then Samsung Intercept would be a better option as it has Android as an operating system. Android is very user friendly, very fast and easy to learn. I prefer it over any operating system however if you are use to of the Blackberry’s operating system then getting an Anroid phone might be a whole new experience.
  3. Samsung Intercept offers touch screen feature as well which Blackberry does not have.
  4. Samsung intercept has better camera with more megapixels (3.15MP) than of the Blackberry 8530 camera (2MP).
  5. Samsung has an extra keyboard so its heavier (139g) than the Blackberry (106g)
  6. Similar features in both cell phones

    Both phones offer some excellent features like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS support, 3.5mm audio jack (with which you can use any type of headphone with it) etc.