Sensors, Sensor Size importance on How it Effects Photographs

What is a sensor?
In Digital Photography sensors measures primary colors, Red, green & Blue and it converts optical image to an electric signal. The sensor helps shaping a digital image into a final shape starting from the pixels. The process of capturing an image is bit lengthy so the sensor speed also count along with the sensor size.

Types of Sensors:
There are two types of image sensors available in digital cameras.
1. CCD (charge-coupled devices)
2. CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor)

Which sensor Type is Better? / Determine sensor size
They are almost same. Today, most digital cameras use either a CCD images sensor or a CMOS sensor. Both types of sensor accomplish the same task and produce similar result by capturing light and converting it into electrical signals.

Which sensor size is Better?
Larger Digital camera sensor’s are always preferred as perceived noise levels generally decrease with larger digital camera sensors (regardless of pixel size sensor has) Because larger sensors will let more light to enter.

A larger sensor with smaller pixels will have lower apparent noise than a smaller sensor with larger pixels.