Sharpening in Photoshop Tutorial with Images

I use two sharpening methods in Adobe Photoshop to sharpen my pictures, one is in the first screen that appear for every RAW image when you open it in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1: If your picture is not in RAW format or is in JPEG format, jump to step 3

Its a hair clip in the picture and as you can see its pretty sharp already, but we can make it sharper. Open it and then look for the option Clarity, set the value that doesn’t make the picture fake. Like here I have selected 29, this value is always “zero” by default.

Step 2: This is how the picture will look after setting the clarity

Step 3: Press open button after you are done or if you have a JPEG just open it in Adobe Photoshop. You need to make a duplicate image now. go to layer and duplicate layer and press ok, it will duplicate the current layer, now go to Filter – Other – High pass and press it. A menu will appear from where you will need to select a value, I have selected 4.4 here. The more the value is the sharper the image is, remember you don’t want it to look fake so be reasonable. If there is too much in the picture like buildings, mountains etc then select a higher value, keep experimenting and you will find a perfect balance.

Step 4: This is how your picture will look like once you apply the filter

Step 5: Don’t worry, there is one next step to make it look awesome. Right above the layer you will find an option under the layer that is set to be “Normal”, press the drop down menu and select “Overlay” in it. once clicked, ¬†you are done. Your picture is ready.

The difference may seems little here as the picture was already very sharp. Please check below mentioned picture with before and after changes.