Visiting Pompeii Ruins Italy

Being in Italy people may ask you to visit Rome, Venice, Florence etc however my experience to Pompeii Ruins in Italy was the most memorable one.

Two Major Reasons:

* Lesser number of tourists
* The place has still some originality

How to Get to Pompeii?

To go to Pompeii we got to Naples Through Taxi to take a Train. We Reached Main Train station Piazza Garibaldi of Naples near to Naples Bay. The Taxi took around 5 minutes to leave us there and we paid €8.00 After lot of bargaining as Bargaining over things is common in Italy. There were lots of Trains so we went to information Desk to inquire about the train that go to Pompeii, There are information desks all over the train stations in Italy so it become easy to locate where we want to go.

We have Purchased our your tickets for Circumvesuviana train at the central train station at Piazza Garibaldi, then we walked downstairs to the tracks. The Circumvesuviana line was operated like a subway, departing about every 30 minutes. It starts underground but emerges above ground not more than a minute and remains so all the way to Sorrento that is the final station of Circumvesuviana . We had taken the Map from station, the same Map was drawn inside the train so it was easy to locate where we were right now. The views were not quite impressive as Train was passing by the residential areas that were not properly cleaned and maintained. We have seen a-lot of walls with ugly chalking on our way.

The Train took 40 minutes and we have reached Pompeii, The name of the stations was “Pompeii Scavi” also known as “Villa dei Misteri” (Mentioned on the Pompeii station as well).

At Pompei Scavi Entrance + Ticket:

On Entrance we took Pompei Ruin Map that helped us a-lot during our visit as it was a big city to roam around. We did not took paid tour or the Audio Guide. The Audio Guide was available for 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours (Full Visit). We were running short of time so we only roam for 2 hours however we really wished for visiting the whole place. The Audio Tour must be really helpful we later on realize as it told the history of the place as well.

The Ticket we bought on the gate was of €11.00 each. We Entered ancient Pompei through the city gate called Porta Marina, few minutes of walk from station.

Good News, Baggage Claim Area:

We were traveling and we had to go to rome after visiting Pompei so we had our luggage with us. We really felt Happy when we saw a free baggage claim area near entrance of ticket checking post. We have left our bags there and they have gave us a paper with a number. We were wearing comfortable shoes. Took Water and Digital camera and entered that wonderful place.

Cafeteria Available in Pompeii Ruins:

At the end we have found a cafeteria where we had our refreshment and used the restroom available.

Ruin Explored in Pictures

1): Pompei Ruins Entrance
2): Pompeii Ruins Paved Street
3): Pompeii Ruins Paved Street
4): Inside the Basilica
5): Teatro Grande with large audience space
7): Pompei ruins 1
8): Pompei ruins2